Monday, March 23, 2009

Die While Your Alive

To exceed life.
To feel excited.
To live at your top most excitement state possible, every moment of the day.
To run as fast as possible.
To play as hard as possible.
To live at your maximum capabilities every second of the way.
To pass from this point in your life, to the next state, by living as fast as possible, setting your mind free.

Recomended for this kind of effect: The Animatrix


Friday, March 20, 2009

Christians Against Condoms

I can see their point, what their driving at but their "ideals against condomns" is not in accordance to what christian beliefs are about-- i bet the pope takes medicine for colds, or tea for something. Same principle.

They want to keep the natural world preserved, maintain God's creation as created, but it would be better if they ran Christianity in wooden huts, rather that golden decorated churches and starting to spend money on finding cures, and at least not condemning ways to prevent AIDS, like wearing a condom.

Criticising the "people's" way to fight AIDS sounds very unrealistic and mind boggling, psycotic even. Christ wore a cloth and sandals, not fancy dresses and ornaments like priests do today.

Religion shuold not be taken seriously to the point of condemning the population. 99% of christians wear condoms, another reason for priest psychotic behaviour to be deprived from it's power. In a way, their thoughts are not taken seriously anyway, but then again nobody does takes them seriously, so whatever.

A thought for them prists: Holding onto hopes while the world crubles around you is not sane.