Thursday, October 30, 2008

Google Spoofs

Google Support

Google Paparazzi Awareness Day

Google Literacy Awareness Day

Google Future

IIFO stands for "information in, food out" and is a device that energizes the body through electricity, simulating food ingestion. It can be connected to any PC running the Windows enviroment, MAC, and any portable device (although not recomended for it's high energy consumption). Software for this kind of equipment is very basic. Linux OS also supports this device, but the software for it is, of course, not official.

The SCB Unit is a neat device that connects your mind to Google, for search improvement purposes, and stands for Sub Conscient Bionic (Unit).

.vrt domains categorize virtual websites, where the user can navigate it using a virtual reality helmet, glasses and contact lens. Future developments will result in brain surgery that will give the Human eye the ability to further extend the pupil's focus, giving the user an ability to see virtual realities, without the need of electronic devices.

Glmail stands for "Google Lunar Mail", and Gemail stand for, you might have guessed "Google Earth Email". It just makes sense to have this division. Imagine being able to email everybody on the moon just by selecting to send an email to Glmail accounts. Of corse that's spamming but the real importance of dividing earth emails and lunar email is to have more email accounts.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Day Google Goes 'Closed'

If you're looking into Gmail's features so deep you're posting in Google groups asking for new features, you will probably be able to imagine what it will be like if Google were to cease their services from a moment to the other.