Saturday, March 16, 2013

More and more i see people making wishes upon the most un-meaninfull things. I used to hear 'to wish upon a star', or we made wish when we blew out of birthday cake's candles. The most weird one was when you had a loose eye-lash you could blow it away and make a wish. Today and most recently, i see people wishing on the most un-meaningfull things. The last one i remember is wishing when you look at the clock and the time is something like 11:11 There's no point in claiming cultural awards. It's not the point that your culture has had this habit for years. My point is different cultures have alot of these random wish requesting moments, and more to the point is, if people are making wishes based on something that brings them a little bit out of reality, like events they say 'wow', try and make a wish every second of your day in which you become aware, because that's what these moments are, awareness about the world not imposed in your mind by your experiences.