Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Future Of Man

Each time i see some documentary on scientists aquiring/gathering information about the natural world, i always see ahead to a future where the planet Earth comes to a biological catastrophy, and all the data gathered over the years is utilized to repopulate a different planet, and create a copy of the biology of planet Earth - i think Man will always have the respect for the planet and will always want to maintain "an original piece", being it by maintaining this one or by "copy/pasting" it onto another.

Could this attempt of "copy/pasting" been made before? Could the first Humans on planet Earth had arrived from another planet carrying a blueprint to their own planet, but for some reason, lost all data, and for some other reason somehow receeded to a primoridal mentality, loosing skills, language and knowledge? I doubt it. There's probably too much evidence pointing that the beginning of Man was not a crash landing. But this thought is interesting enough to think about if, or when it happens.

Pretty much like "The Time Machine", or "Planet of the Apes", something awesome would be bound to happen, and i wish i could see it be part of it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie Convulsion

Want to make a movie? Read an article on Wikipedia

Monday, November 9, 2009

On Portugal's Development

Seeing we have no big natural riches, we are not a wealthy country. But we are developed. The general idea of Portuguese governments is to improve our accessibility by other EU countries, but at what expense? Talks about high-speed trains coming into Portugal and adding more Airports to the country will only bring in richer foreigners that will use our country for their own purposes. I'm not against other countries or nationalities, just against this cruel assassination of ourselves. We are civilized, i don't beleive there will be another conquest attempt, not at a small one-country scale at least. Small poor countries should concentrate on themselves and not open their doors to others, if they wish to preserve their identity. I say, improve what the country has, do not trample over the few riches we have in order to keep up with our peers. Dissolution is a reality, and Portugal is heading this way. A new Airport was to be built over a natural reserve. The train tracks was (or still is, i don't know) to cut through a natural reserve that contains some bird species that can only be found in one or two countries in the EU. Grab onto what we have and don't fall into pressure. Money coming in from the EU pressures the goverment to accept new instalations? That's opression. Is that what the EU is all about? The same money has been spent on buildings that are now abandoned, under-used or never finished. Spending money wisely, and not giving into excessive development due to peer pressure is what lacks in Portugal.

Would That Have Happened If I Didn't Do This

Like in "The Matrix", when the Oracle said to Neo: "what's really going to bake your noodle later on is 'would you have still broken it [the vase] if i hadn't said anything?'."

There's no way of knowing if he had broken the vase.

What bakes my noodles is: what if the Oracle said to Neo: "if you turn around you will break a vase and fullfill Destiny" and Neo did not want to turn around?

Assuming Destiny and Oracles do exist would we see Neo involuntarily moving his arm awkwardly and knocking the vase over?