Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Googlebot & Future Mental Ability

You might not know how Googlebot works, or even what is is. I know the principal: Googlebot is a program that looks at the Internet and finds new webpages (it also looks for updates on existing websites but that's not relevent for the topic). Googlebot also give an 'Importance Factor' to every website, so when a web search is made in Google, websites that are higher in that Importance Factor appear first. This factor is called Page Rank (very roughly explained).

To determine what a website's Page Rank is, Googlebot checks thousands of variables on each website. Variables like the number of links connected to a website and words found in the search query that are present on the website, so when a search is made it lists websites by the most relevant in the search result.

Humans today have, and always have had no need for words to communicate between each other; You can read a person by looking at their eyes, by hearing the pitch of their voice, etc.

In a future, humans are probably going to have an increased ability to communicate. I say 'probably' because we have seen that our minds have evolved since our "pre-historic" ancestors (we created languages, inventions, etc) and telepathy seems will become something that some people believe that we can achieve. Plus, scientists say we use 10% of our brain, so all things point to a much evolved state of being in the further future.

Perhaps one ability will allow us to instantly be aware of any human miles away, by their influence on others, personality, energy, well, in other words, variables.

So i thought what Googlebot is doing now, indexing variables and listing websites by relevance might be a primordial state of a mental ability Humans could achieve in the future; being aware of and listing people on a scale according to their relevance to others.

A long shot, i know. Then again, a Prospective Mental Convulsion.