Sunday, December 20, 2009


You know how eventually your computer's hard drive starts filling up with good stuff you download off the internet, and then you find yourself deleting "less good stuff" to make room for better stuff?
Well, the world is filling up with stuff.
There's three possibilities to how we will cope with this, one of them being already in progress, and another being an eminent threat, as portrayed in many movies and books, and anywhere else the end of the world, or a near-end of the world situation is presented:

- Colonization of another planet (currently being undertaken). How much does that new hard drive cost?
- Catastrophic event (let's hope we are wrong and global warming will not become our biggest threat). Damn humidity ruined my freaken hard drive, man! Fukin &$%#$$!
- We start removing those hollywood floor stars to make room for better stuff.

Personally, i'd like to see a line of hollywood floor stars from hollywood to timbuktu, before we colozine another planet. If we don't get hit by a meteor first.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Reversed Snowman

Y'all know how the nose and the eyes of a snowman can be changed/lowered to becoming his dick and his balls.
Well, that got me thinking: the main caractersitics of the male's face can be transformed into his genetals. So why? The genetalia can be considered the second face of a male. There's the pysichological "meet" - the face, then the animal one - gentials.
Women on the other had have their most noticable sexual features as their breasts, which clearly are an equivalente to the eyes. There's even the fact that we look at her tits when we should be looking at her eyes, and often don't notice, so i guees there's some sense.
So why is the womens second face so upwards on the body and the male's is lower?
Well women do want everything first and "now" so i guess it just makes sense to have the second face right after the first one. Men are more relaxed, so we let it linger lower.