Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Next War

What are the United States waiting for? While president Obama gets peace Nobel prizes, smaller countries around the world are stocking up on weaponry and friendship agreements.

The problem is that the UN keeps the US on a leech, out of fear of the US bringing war to Europe, this time from neighboring UN countries. To these countries the UN is nothing more than political, economical games which they don't care about but the UN are decided on maintaining peace and will play their game as long as they can.

The US is still a country apart which makes it harder for them to suffer from sneak attacks. Plus they still have the advantage of their strong military power. But European countries are back to back and prone to destruction the same way cancer cells destruct their neighboring cells.

But while the struggle to maintain peace and democracy in the world continues, smaller, non-UN, non-US-friendly, non-mainstream countries are using this lack of "vulgar display of power" to grow. These countries mainly include the ones that are being closely watched as to whether or not they cross over the "military strength" global acceptance levels, and countries that are not on the high threat list and generally countries that are poorer (compared to the 1st world countries) and don't constitute a threat in the long run; Iran with his nice president. Korea with new weaponry. God only knows what all the less talked about countries agreed on, and with whom.

Religion here also plays a role. Most of these non-mainstream countries are not Christian, to which just adds difference and purpose to discussion which leads to war.

911. 911 was not part of a plan by this rising threat, but more of an unpredicted impulse by a few of it's less powerful members. Still, it provided an insight onto military response levels.

"What i took for granted as a sunny country-side house in an overall quite and isolated hill rapidly became the running fields of disperse enemy soldiers carrying semi-automatic weapons, killing in an undiscriminated manner. Soon, these walls did not protect me from the outside disturbances and these became able to kick down doors and possessed the attitude "you should be dead".

So i see this big picture and i ask myself. What's with all the damn bloody democracy?