Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Providing Ourselves With More

We ARE going to turn into cyborgs. We WILL replace our human body with stronger parts. We KNOW our brain doesn't use it's full capacity. We WILL probably take more advantage of it by substituting weak flesh and bone with stronger material.

In conjuncture with "the war with machines", the way i see it is that humans will create human-like machines at the same time it improves himself. The war with the machines, if it ever comes will make us increase the speed at which we change our bodies as to keep up with stronger beings. If the war with machines happens.

But we will always tweak everything, including ourselves.

But who is to blame? I bet there's nobody that wouldn't like to be able to run along a beach shore and jump 50 feet in the air and land on soft sand; run into the water and be able to run ON the water, until you decelerate and fall into the water, where you then start to swim fast; faster than a shark; hold your breath for 1 hour and be able to sustain the deepest pressures.

What we need is a plan. We can't fall unto pressure of stronger beings - like a machine -, so we can elegantly change and still remain our humanity, our human root, the beautiful human body form.