Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Be or Not to Be - techno version

Think about the meaning of the word Humanity and if you take away the signs that our civilization exists, the word Humanity is defined by Humans. The truth about Humans, stripped for any joy and hope, and any good feeling is that they hang on. We all hang on to whatever we believe in, but take that away and Humanity falls. Take away what we are right to believe in, which should be part of each individual's right; something like religion, and we will fall.

Dalai Lama would say; "take one step back and enjoy simpler things". Confusious would say "take one step back and you will better see your own demise". I say "fuck it and go fuck whores."

Who can not regard the fact that Ghandi slept with his younger female relative because he needed Human warmth? I can't. And those incidents remind me that no matter how much beautiful talk people have, even the holiest is not free from feelings. And these muthafuckas come in all shades of green. And grey, and black.

Now these black ones are the one to avoid if you don't want to see our race falling from a cliff oppressed, pushed by greed. But i'm not holy. I'm going to fuck myself as soon as i have nothing better to say. Pretty much like anybody else. Like Ghandi slept with his younger female relative.

Oh well, the though of holding on really stuck to me, and the light as air word Humanity soon became as it's existence is only based on whether or not you can hang on.

I know i can't.

A word out to all nations on war paths.

Carl Sagan said something you don't think about everyday; truth is we don't know if other civilizations have existed before and weren't able to survive their own evolution. We know the same about ours. Nothing.

As i am. A big nothing. Stripped from all but pride. Stripped from all except silence and Blogger, light, water, food and sex.

Wow, i'm fucked.

Why do i? you might ask? The same reason you do. We are weird. Weird men. Men in battle. Prepared to fight off any fucker. Except the sweetness of Blogger. I want to get laid.