Friday, June 26, 2009

Death of Celebrities

Is it just a coincidence when 3 celebrities die in a very close time frame?

Well my insanity says there's more to this fenomeon than just chance. Maybe a lack of great minds on the other side?

You could say they are not great minds, that a greata mind does not hold a baby out of a balcony, but with great power comes great responsibility, it's only up to each person to assume that responability. Remember, stupidity, "just human", "no one is perfect".

I've seen this happen before where celebrities die "together".

I kinda see this more than just coincidence.

Maybe i'm just nuts but face the fact. Those three people meant something to the world, to the rest of us, maybe not the entire world, but still a large portion. Hence the name celebrity. To be prived of three people that meant something to alot of people in such a short time frame has got to be more than just a coincidence.

Hey, Jesus died and everybody went crazy.

Still hard to accept Michael is gone.
RIP and get some treatment on the other side!