Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aliens, Cloning & The Future?

Okay, so i flipped channels and i saw some documentary on giant squids "that can grow to the size of an adult man". That by itself got me thinking about the old stories on squids sinking ships and such but i got passed that thought when the guy said "these squids can change color by opening up" some cells and what not. That immediately transported me to bio-technology. Then i though i'd look up on the Internet about future human bio-enhancements.

I followed a website about clonning; i thought it would be a pretty good start. Interestingly enough i came to this article on a cult called the Raelians, who's leader claims to have been abducted by aliens and being told that they created mankind.

As all cults/relegions there's always the good stuff, like wanting peace on earth and all the good stuff life provides, but then, again, as all religions, the psychotic side exists. Besides believing that aliens created mankind and that their "prophet" was given a book (their "bible") which encourages the use of science to evolve humankind (and this is where bio-technology and these guys meet), for Raelians, cloning is "the way to go".

Realians also believe that baptisms should be done between 3pm and 4pm, and the priest's hand should be placed over the baby's head, because on these circumstances, the baby's mental information can be recorded by the alien mothership for future reference.

They also believe all the great people that appear on earth are taken by aliens and are all living on another planet; - they are just a few thousand by the way - people like Ghandi and Mother Theresa, Jesus, maybe Elvis.

I'm curious, knowing that sex is a natural urge, and that mediocricy exists, isn't that planet gonna turn out to be a little weird? I mean, are these greats having sex among themselves? Jesus and Mother Theresa? Either they don't have sex to avoid wierdness and the planet's population is steril and banging their heads against the walls from stagnation, or cloning is the way to go there, but when there's more mediocre people that great people, then that planet will have it's greats removed again to another planet. This sounds like a stupid cycle to me.

But i started to think on this idiotic ideal and thought: "But seeing people are being cloned, there's never gonna be genetic evolution" which brought me to yet another, but bigger question: "What happens with genetic evolution if cloning becomes a day to day thing"?

My answer.

Still looking forward to finding some cool future human bio-enhancment gadgets, but at least i'm more settled about the idea of cloning!

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